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Evaluation Office

For Units under Evaluation

Your unit is being evaluated—what does this mean for you?

Preparation and Evaluation Agreement



Coordination Group 

The unit under evaluation establishes a coordination group. They are primarily responsible for the flow of information within the unit and also ensure that concerns from the unit reach the evaluation office. The group should consist the units' head(s) and representatives of staff members; in the case of academic units, this includes representatives of professors and the "Stände" and, if applicable, the person responsible for the education quality report. The collaboration includes approximately three meetings and occasional e-mails.



Preliminary Talk 

The Evaluation Office organizes a preliminary talk with the director(s)/head(s) of the unit under evaluation as well as the appointed coordination group. The goal of this first meeting is to to discuss various preliminary clarifications for the evaluation process.



Publication Entries in ZORA 

Evaluation of academic units: Please ensure that your entries in ZORA (Zurich Open Repository and Archive) are up-to-date, as the publication report, written by the Evaluation Office, is based on ZORA. Usually, entries of the last six years are considered. 



Information Event 

As the name suggests, the aim of the information event is for the Evaluation Office to inform all members of your unit about the upcoming procedure and answer any questions that might arise. The presentation takes approx. 20-30 minutes. It is the unit's task to organize the room and invite all employees; we also ask you to support us in finding a date.



Evaluation Agreement 

The evaluation agreement is drawn up jointly by the Evaluation Office, the unit's coordination group and the respective University governing bodies (Faculty Council and/or Executive Board). All parties formulate up to three evaluation questions each and discuss, if applicable, requirements for the external experts. In preparation for the meeting, we send you the agreement draft and ask, if possible, to send us your evaluation questions prior to the meeting as well.




Self-Evaluation Report 

The self-evaluation report should serve the external experts as optimal preparation for their visit at your unit (site visit). The Evaluation Office provides the unit with a template of the self-evaluation report, enriched with university data and statistics as well as suggestions and instructions. The overall responsibility for the report preparation lies with the head of the unit. At the latest, the report should be submitted to the Evaluation Office six weeks prior to the site visit.



Further Documents 

The Evaluation Office prepares additional documents: The above mentioned report on publication activities (evaluation of academic units) and/or survey reports (mainly management and central units). Where possible, the self-evaluation report is supplemented by results of the latest University-wide employee survey.  

External Evaluation

xterne Expert_innen


External Experts 

The unit under evaluation proposes a pre-determined number of candidates according to a list of criteria. After the Evaluation Office prioritizes and researches the candidates (e.g., to minimize the risk of bias), the Faculty Council and/or the Executive Board determine the final group of experts. The Evaluation Office proceeds to invite them.



Site Visit (experts' visit on-site)  

During the site visit, the experts meet with the head(s) and with representatives of the staff members of your unit (academic units: representatives of the professors, der "Stände") as well as further persons if appropriate. The detailed schedule for the site visit as well as planning what members of your unit the experts will have conversations with is worked out between your unit and the respective project leader at the Evaluation Office. It is then your responsibility to extend invitations to the discussion participants in your unit and arrange rooms as well as refreshments during breaks (not including lunch and dinner). 



Experts' Report  

As a rule, the experts' prepare their final report within four weeks after the site visit. As soon as the report is available, you have the opportunity to comment on it in writing; please note that your comments will be included in their original wording in the final evaluation report. 

Result Preparation and Strategy- and Development-Discussions (SDD)



List of Recommendations 

The Evaluation Office prepares the final evaluation report based on the experts' report and your comments on it. The evaluation report contains a list of recommendations—based on the recommendations formulated by the experts— which builds the basis for the upcoming strategy and development discussions (SDD) between your unit and the Faculty Council / Executive Board.


SDD: Agreement on Measures (Lead: UZH Governing Bodies) 

During this first strategy and development discussion, the Faculty Council / Executive Board works with you to define measures. Please make sure all members of your unit are being appropriately involved in the process (head[s] and representatives of staff members; academic units: head[s], representatives of the professors and the "Stände").


SDD: Monitoring (Lead: UZH Governing Bodies)

The second strategy and development discussion takes place approximately two years following the agreement on measures. Goal of the "SDD: Monitoring" is to discuss the implementation of the measures with the Faculty Council / Executive Board.

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