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Evaluation Office

For UZH Governing Bodies

In the case of the evaluation subject being an academic unit, the function of the responsible governing body is assumed by the Faculty Council. In the case of management and Central Services, the function is assumed by the Executive Board. 

What are your responsibilites during an evaluation?

Evaluation Agreement


The evaluation agreement is drawn up jointly by the Evaluation Office, the unit under evaluation and the governing bodies (Faculty Council and/or Executive Board). All parties prepare up to three evaluation questions. Furthermore, the evaluation agreement contains potential additional requirements concerning the experts group (the experts will by invited by the Evaluation Office). 

External Evaluation



External Experts 

The Evaluation Office researches the candidates proposed by the unit under evaluation (e.g., background checking for potential bias) and provides you with a prioritized list, based on which you determine the persons to be invited in accordance with the Evaluation Office.



Site Visit (experts' visit on site)

You will receive all relevant documents and reports approximately four weeks prior to the site visit for preparation. The site visit starts with the briefing, where you (Faculty Council and/or Executive Board) present the UZH and the faculty—or the corresponding area of Central Services/leadership—to the experts. You also potentially attend the dinner with the experts. The site visit ends with a debriefing, where the experts present their preliminary findings. This is also your opportunity to discuss with the experts and clarify ambiguities.

Preparation of Results and Strategy- and Development-Discussions (SDD)



List of Recommendations 

The Evaluation Office prepares a list of recommendations based on the experts' report and the recommendations formulated therein. This list builds the basis for the upcoming strategy and development discussions (SDD) between the Faculty Council and/or the Executive Board and the unit under evaluation.



SDD: Agreement on Measures (Lead: UZH Governing Bodies)

The governing bodies organize and lead the conversation with the unit under evaluation. Additionally, you are responsible for the documentation of the discussion—incl. the agreement on measures as well as a protocol of the meeting.

Implementation Plan

Following this first SDD, you check the implementation plan drawn up by the unit under evaluation and at the same time draw up your own implementation plan for measures that concern your area of responsibility (faculty, Office of the Vice President, directorate). The Evaluation Office provides you with templates.



SDD: Monitoring (Lead: UZH Governing Bodies)

The second strategy and development discussion takes places approximately two years after the first ("Agreement on Measures"). The aim of the "SDD: Monitoring" is to discuss the implementation of the measures. In preparation for this discussion, you are asked to prepare the implementation report measures that concern your own area of responsibility (faculty, Office of the Vice President, directorate). You or your staff, respectively, organizes and documents the discussion (protocol).

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