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Evaluation Office

About Us

Organization and Mission

Our team consists of several project leaders, an editor, a back office and a head.

The evaluation process, as part of the university’s strategy and quality development system, is combined with the Academic Development and Leadership and Quality Management for Education and Teaching areas to form an integrated evaluation concept.
The mission of the University of Zurich Evaluation Office is to conduct evaluations for all divisions of the university.
In short, the objectives of the evaluations are:

  1. To develop decision-making tools for medium- and long-term planning.
  2. To raise and further refine the quality of academic work in the areas of research, teaching and services as well as the quality of managerial and administrative work at the university.
  3. To provide accountability to the public.

The evaluation process comprises a number of different steps. Every evaluation is assigned a project leader: Throughout each step, they act as liaison and contact person to assist everyone involved. 


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