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University-wide Employee Survey 2022

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Additional Reports

UZH-employees additonally have access to result reports on faculty level and domains of Central Services (AAI Login).
 University-wide Employee Survey 2022


The UZH-wide employee survey was conducted for a second time in May 2022. Around 4,000 employees took part in the anonymous online survey. This corresponds to a response rate of 41%. As in 2019, the survey was conducted and analyzed by Empiricon AG after the underlying data protection guidelines had been approved by the UZH Legal Services and Data Protection department.

Reports include comparative values to the 2019 survey (if available). Empiricon considers changes of two or more percentage points significant (except for filter questions regarding the collaboration among professors, academic career development and childcare). Example: Due to the smaller sample size the questions on collaboration among professors require a difference of four or more percentage points compared to the 2019 results in order for a change to be considered significant.

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“A foundation that holds up even in difficult times”

Deputy President Gabriele Siegert and Stefan Schnyder, Vice President Finances and Human Resources, comment on the employee survey in this interview